Bella Ridge French Bulldogs


We never know how much we will miss them, until they are gone....

Photo from Neidig Personal Collection 1996, from left Nick Neidig, Princess, Cassie, Mimi, and Eric Neidig.

“Our Little Wisp”

Eric Neidig and Cassie
Photos from Neidig Family Collection

Born November 26, 1990 - Died February 10, 2003

We can remember the day you entered our lives.  Kept in a kennel for the first six months of your life with very little social stimulation, you were a sight to behold.  Fur stained yellow, ear mites, never been on a lead, not housetrained...we truly didn’t know what we were getting into.  12 years later when you died, we asked ourselves how we could ever have questioned that you were always meant to be our “our little girl”.  Rest in peace sweet girl, we still miss you as much today as ever.  Devoted, kind, caretaker of the Frenchie babies, our dear Cassie you will always be near to us in that special place in our hearts.  Till we meet again....

“Miss P”

Born August 1988 - Died July 2004

You were our first “family” dog.  Little did we know how well you would live up to your name.  Always the Princess, always pampered and treated like the royalty that you truly were.  As you approached your golden years we hoped that you would live until the kids got through high school and you did just that.  Some of our favorite memories include tolerating being dressed for Halloween and being paraded around the neighborhood with your “pumpkin basket” collecting treats.  We will never forget you “butting” your head against the kids to get their attention while they sat on the floor playing video games.  Being held and loved were your two most favorite activities.  We will rejoice in meeting you again at the Rainbow Bridge, our dear, sweet girl.  You’ll be in our hearts until the end of time.

“Our Sweet Girl”

Photo By Re’Lee Photography 2004

Born June 23, 2003 - Died November 19, 2005

The best days of your life were living with us.  Running in the back yard, playing with Sister Belle, Paris, Tony, Jack, and Evie, and sleeping in bed with Mom and Dad Neidig were some of your favorite things to do.  We relished in you receiving your championship and were glad that we were the driving force behind you being shown.  We will always remember your sweet kind face and loving temperament.  Even though you were not able to spend your entire life at home with us, we do believe, in the short period of time that we were blessed to have you, that you enjoyed life to its fullest.  God grant us the serenity to accept the tragedy of how your life ended.  Always our precious girl...your life changed ours...we will meet again and hold you in our arms.  This time, we will never let go.

Photo By Teresa Bjork 2004

Rosie receiving her first major and Best of Opposite Sex at the Mahoning-Shenango KC, Canfield, OH on August 1, 2004 under Judge Mrs. Catherine DiGiacomo.  Jill Neidig, co-owner of Rosie, exhibited her for Best of Breed Competition where she received Best of Opposite Sex.  Rosie’s father: CH. Jackpot! I’m the Boss of Justus received Best of Breed that day.

Photo By Re’Lee Photography 2004 and JustFrenchies, 2005

Briarpatch’s It’s All About Eve

“Evie/Evita Conchita”

From the day we brought you home, you were our special “cinnabon girl”.  We had hoped you would be our first French Bulldog bitch to achieve her AKC championship and provide our foundation for our breeding program, but seizures at 9 months of age took away that dream.  Instead that dream was replaced by the reality of one of the most beautiful, fun, wonderful dogs to enter our lives.  You lived each day to the fullest.  Although you were a “big girl”, you never seemed to care and gracefully took to managing the pack!  Always the beta girl (the enforcer!), you made sure that everyone else stayed in line.  We will miss you keeping all of us in line.  T-cell lymphoma of the skin ended your life prematurely, but rest assured beautiful girl that you will not be forgotten.  Every day we remember you and although we miss you terribly, we know that you are looking down at us from above and watching to make sure that we “toe the mark”.  Rest in peace our beautiful girl.  Until we meet again, our sweet memories of you will keep in our hearts and we rejoice that we were able to share our lives with you.  The dignity and grace of how you lived and died will be with us always....

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