Bella Ridge French Bulldogs

Founded on Honesty, Integrity, and Excellence

Photos from E. Claire and Company Files.

From 2000 to 2003 I owned a cat and dog gift retail store called E. Claire and Company in West Des Moines, IA.  Customers were encouraged to bring their companion animals to the store.  We took hundreds of pictures over the 4 years we were in business.  A copy of the picture would be displayed in the store and the other sent to the owner with a handwritten note.  The picture on the left is one of my favorite Rottweilers, Ruby.  On the right is the first French Bulldog, Rocky, that I ever got the pleasure to personally meet prior to owning my own Frenchies.

From my early childhood, I knew that I was truly endeared to animals.  My intensity for caring for and loving animals grew from my early childhood days to my adulthood.  I have always felt a passion for caring for animals and protecting them.  Today that passion and intensity continues.  In 1988, my husband David and our two young children, Nick and Eric, acquired our first companion dog, a Miniature Schnauzer, Princess.  Unknowingly, we purchased Princess directly from a commercial kennel.  We were fortunate in that Princess was a healthy puppy.  Shortly after our exposure to this commercial kennel we became involved in the local animal shelter, the Animal Rescue League of Des Moines, Iowa.  During the next several years we rescued our second Miniature Schnauzer, Cassie Lou and a Boston Terrier, Mimi Roberta.  Soon to follow was our second Boston Terrier, Claire, who we adopted directly from the shelter.

Most “normal” people would think that 4 dogs would be enough, but in 2001 we were blessed to have the opportunity to purchase our first French Bulldog, Jack.  One of the requests from his breeder, Marilyn Burdick, Pudgybull, was that we “show” Jack in the conformation ring.   Although we had never had a show dog we were willing to try and such is the beginning of a wonderful story and journey.  Since Jack we have added other French Bulldogs to our family.  Each one has become a beloved member of our family.

Bella Ridge French Bulldogs Philosophy

Our philosophy regarding the care of our dogs include the following key points:

1. Our dogs do not live in a kennel.  All of our dogs live in our home and live with us.  They do not live in a basement or an area separated from us.  When you enter our home, you know that we have dogs.  We do not keep dogs hidden and only “show them by appointment”.

2. We show dogs, but they are not merely “show dogs”.  From the day they arrive at our home they are beloved family members.  Whether they win in the ring or not does not determine whether or not they are valued or loved.

3. We do not define ourselves by our dogs.  They do not exist because of us or for us.

4. We are blessed to “own them” and take our responsibility very seriously for providing fully for their emotional and physical care.

5. Providing a consistent daily routine is paramount.  Our personal lives and social activities do not jeopardize our dogs care.  Our dogs’ needs come first.

6. We do not deny them veterinarian care because of expense.  We provide them veterinary care because they need it and deserve it.

7. In dealing with other people, whether they are “show people” or someone who is looking for a companion, we are honest.  We do not attempt to deceive people for our own monetary gain.

8. We believe that all dogs deserve a loving, forever home.  As breeders, we feel deeply responsible for the placement of all puppies.  We offer a lifetime commitment to our puppies.  If at any time, the puppy/dog is not able to be appropriately cared for and loved, they are to be returned to us, no questions asked.

9. We believe that breeding dogs should never be a way of living.  Charging excessive prices is never justified.

10. Be cautious of those individuals who claim they are “world renowned” breeders and lay claim to such “fame”.  Research the business transactions breeders have had with other people.  Find out for yourself if they are really someone you would want to do business with.  Actions do speak louder than words.

11. When selling puppies we provide complete records of veterinarian care.  Our puppies are evaluated by a veterinarian when receiving vaccinations.  Dogs in our care receive necessary treatment (ie: surgery) at the time recommended by a veterinarian.  We do not deny veterinary care because of expense.

12. We abide by AKC standards and maintain accurate and complete records.

13. When puppies are delivered to their new owners, they receive the American Kennel Club dog registration paper or AKC papers transferring ownership at the time the puppy is delivered.

For the past 21 years we have been blessed with many wonderful dogs being a part of our life.  As companions they are truly valued and love.  We realize that it is our obligation to care for them and be responsible as a reputable breeder.  Bella Ridge French Bulldogs signifies this commitment to the French Bulldog breed.  Our objective today and in the future is to remain focused on the importance of a sound breeding program.  We are committed to protecting the breed and being an advocate for all animals.  Our foundation for our kennel is truly based on honesty, integrity, and excellence.

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